Our Masseria “il Carro”, is placed at few kilometres from the center of Putignano, between cherry and almond trees and drywalls. We have goat breeding and big pastures where our animals live outdoors. Inside our farm there are also some horses and donkeys . We promote the environmental respect and the rural culture in our territory. A way of life inspired to simplicity and authenticity, through the discover of rural traditions. Real hospitality, the authenticity of product, alchemy of colours and smells. You are in Puglia


One only way towards the Nature

The good nutrition start from our pastures. From the stable to our table: these are the properties and the virtues of the milk derivatives. Inside our land there is not only the rural future but also the cultural and the touristic one.

Inside the cave of tastings

In our caves we season our cheese to give them a strong and natural taste. A technique that we learn from our tradition and that we strictly reproduce.In this stone environment digging underground, our cheese life consist in different seasoning period in terms of duration. During this time the cheese breath a natural humidity that cover each piece of noble rot that gives them the typical rustic taste.