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The burrata

It is a fresh cheese obtained by the cow milk, with an external surface of “PASTA FILATA” that contains inside some pieces of frayed mozzarella and milk cream. Our Burrata is characterised by three details: in the closure part there isn’t any hand; the external “pasta Filata” is hand made to permit the finesse of paste. The stuffing is Stracciatella obtained  by slices of mozzarella frayed by hand and the addition of milk cream.

The caciocavallo

Each Caciocavallo is unique, worked by hand and produced only with fresh cows’ milk taken from local farms. The reason why it is a niche product comes from its long maturation inside an aerated and dry cave.  After this slow phase, all tasting and smell of Apulia will be concentrated inside the heart of the product.

The giunco

La giuncata is a cheese that takes its name and shape from the wicker band used to make cheese  in ancient times. It is a typical Apulian dairy product that is considered a culinary delights thanks to its soft taste.

The little scamorza animals

The Little Pigs are small Mozzarella cheese with a nice shape of little pigs made to satisfy  children’s taste. The paste is elastic and compact. The taste is lightly sapid with a delicate and pleasant flavor. The Apulian dairy makers are able to create true pieces of art with this cheese, giving them pigs, mouse and also elephant shapes, for the happiness of children.

Seasoning and pasture

In our farm called “il Carro” cheese are seasoned thanks to the constant temperature and humidity, while goats graze outdoors grassland.

Capasone fire branding

Cheese masterpieces, the fire branded cheese seasoned in the cave.